Kennedi Becker

I’m a junior organizational communications major at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. I like cohesive branding, active social media presences and advocating for those who have stories to tell. I also like chai lattes, breezy fall days, and the look on a person’s face when they feel truly understood. I am seeking a communications job in a nonprofit organization.

One strange home-COVID week

Pandemic guidelines forced adjustments to nearly every aspect of homecoming, but Bethel still pulled off the events. COVID-19 forced Bethel’s homecoming traditions to look a bit different, and faculty, staff and Bethel Student Government adjusted to keep up the school spirit with safety in mind. “We were so blessed to be able to do homecoming this year. Certainly there were many stressful planning meetings, simply because we were unsure of all of the restrictions that we were working with and

Food serves as a common ground in a diverse community

Four organizations recognize the importance of relationship building in their urban community of Frogtown and Rondo. Master gardener Diane Dodge misses wearing her hats. The long-time community member has become known for her hats much in the same way her good friend Marvin Giles blows bubbles as a conversation starter. Many of her hats are colorful — usually with a dozen or so buttons and flowers pinned to them — so she’s easy to spot at events like the annual Greens Celebration in the Frogtow

One more episode

Anime Club president wants people to understand what anime is for themselves. Daniel Sochay finished off his Mountain Dew as the end credits rolled on episode 13 of season three of Attack on Titan. He knew he should start his missional ministries homework, but justified watching just one more episode since his roommate, Peter Schmidt, had just walked in the door. The two have been watching anime together since they became roommates two years ago. Their interests are quite different — Schmidt h

“When in America, do as the Americans do”: The Often Marginalized Experience of Female Immigrants…

Like many twenty-first century Americans, my family has told me that my heritage includes “a little bit of almost everything.” Despite this blend, the only strong evidence of any of my ancestors’ cultures still present in my family’s traditions and customs comes from Germany. This is likely because the most recent immigrants in my family left Germany in 1893 to start a new life as farmers in North Dakota. Since even before becoming a nation, the history of the United States has been shaped and c